After 16 years in this business, I am just now learning that all roads lead back to your bum.  And after teaching a few mini workshops in this and feeling the change in MY OWN body, I now know that we have been taught all wrong here.  This means that 99% of us suffer from "dead butt syndrome", aka "gluteal amnesia."

This amnesia means that even when you are doing all the things correctly ... Even when you've got a trainer telling you to squeeze our cheeks ... Even when you google exhaustively how to do glute exercises for back pain ... Those cheeky cheeks aren't awake enough to get in the game.  Sure, they tease you once in a while with a little burn and a little soreness, but in reality, most of the time that burn and that soreness is happening in your upper hamstrings and other smaller muscles in your hip, which all leads back to continued pain and lack of results in your strength.


If you have any of the following symptoms, believe it or not, your issue might be in your cheeks.  And I've got the way to get them awake. 

I won't let you go home until they are firing.

  • Knee pain
  • Prolapse
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Incontinence
  • Hip pain/tightness
  • Pelvis pain
  • Disc issues
  • Ankle weakness
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Chronic neck and upper back spasms
  • Hernia
  • Feet that turn outwards
  • Tucked pelvis
  • Pain in joints and body upon awakening
  • Overall crunchy, achey feeling
  • Poor results in current fitness program, no matter how awesome it is


Here's a breakdown of what you'll get to do with me:

10–11 AM
Interactive, hands-on anatomy lesson and experiments

You'll get a mix of visual, listening, and hands-on doing as we take a fascinating tour on the engineering of YOUR bum and why it is so important.

11 AM–12 PM
Workout & Customized Fix-Me Session

We will do some fancy things to wake up your bum. I will definitely have MY hands on your cheeks (sorry not sorry), and won't let you move forward until I know it's working. And then we'll dive into an intense workout to target those new awakened muscles. Following that, we will have a Q&A and I'll answer all the questions you may have.

12–1 PM

Let's have some snacks and chat. Plus, we'll have a bunch of info on local resources for continuity of your care. Seriously, I love you all. I wanna hang, if you can.



*Special note on locations:  I have made terrible errors in the past with spaces not large enough, etc and until I know the range of attendees (20 or 200), I will be waiting on securing space.  What I can guarantee is a central location, easily accessible to most areas with consideration of local traffic patterns/nightmares, great parking options, and ample space for you to do your thing.  So, book away and know that I GET IT and I've been around the block in this department after two past summer tours.  :)


MAY 19, 2018
10 AM–12 PM

520 8th ave
New York, NY 10018


JUNE 2, 2018
10 am–12 PM

2210 Pacific street
Seattle, WA 98103


JUNE 3, 2018
10 am–12 PM

2001 NW 19th AVE #102


JUNE 9, 2018
10 am–12 PM

15 W hubbard
chicago, IL 60654


JUNE 10, 2018
10 am–12 PM

1621 E Hennepin Ave. #125
Minneapolis, MN 55414


JUNE 16, 2018
10 am–12 PM

1343 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20005


JUly 14, 2018
10 am–12 PM

ONCE somerville
156 Highland Ave.
Somerville, Ma. 02143


JUly 28, 2018
Clinic 1—10:30 AM
CLINIC 2—1:30 PM

5001 navigation blvd
houston, tx 77011

SPECIAL HOUSTON INFO:  this event will only be two hours, minus the optional "information potluck" due to space and time and all things necessary.


AUGUST 11, 2018
10 am–12 PM

26 7th Street 5th FlooR
San Francisco, CA 94103


AUGUST 12, 2018
10 am–12 PM

1114 S. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

When your glutes start working, everything changes. I mean it.  That's hyperbolic, but gosh darn it, your awakened glutes deserve some hyperbole. Don't listen to me, listen to just a few of the folks sending me messages about this new work:

Hey so I’ve been doing the glute stuff for about 2 weeks and the craziest thing I noticed is that I’m happier. Like summer Happy in the dead of Wisconsin winter. I feel almost euphoric and I typically struggle with depression during winter. Do you think it has to do with my poor nervous system actually calming down?! I almost don’t even want to believe it because it sounds so whoo whoo, you know? That’s why I didn’t post it on the FB page. I can tell my glutes are firing in daily activity too. It’s sort of amazing. You are doing amazing work, Courtney. Thank you more than you know.
— Liz H.
Just wanted to share that I had a pretty major nervous system response and emotional release during and after this powerful work. Felt shaky and nauseous during and after but also experienced a visceral response like Courtney mentions here when waking up dormant parts of the body and rediscovering there is a different way to move through life where I actually feel supported and stable. Feels like a total body-mind-awareness reconnection. Thank you!!!
— Brandie M.
I wanted to tell you that your glute blast saved my ski trip. After 1st day my hip was hurting so bad, I didn’t think I would be able to ski another day. So on our rest day I did your workout and next day was the best ski day ever!
— Cristina R.