core camp

let's do this Strength Thing right.  

don't just pummel yourself into fitness, be a wise steward of where you are now, not where you feel you should be.

A woman's body doesn't fall apart because she's had kids.  a woman's body falls apart because she's been neglected after having kids.  

Core Camp is a transitionary tool to get you from injury, illness, a sedentary phase, or the postpartum period and deliver you into a fully integrated, able body that is ready to show up for bigger and badder things.   

In just two weeks, this clinically proven program helps to engage your deep stabilizing muscles and to switch off the normal patterns of weakening/chronic pain/immobility in the body.  By doing so, you can then jump back into your fitness goals and life adventures that you may have thought were no longer at your reach.

The pace of Core Camp is easy breezy and approachable, but very strategic in it's strengthening methods.  Additionally, it will at most take up to only 45 minutes, so you can squeeze it in without too much hustle during those short two weeks.

are you ready to feel stronger than ever before?  are you craving a sense of connection in your body?  let's get this over with.  it's never too late and you're never too broken.  click that heart and join me for only $2/month.  



All content is available to you 24/7 via a accessible membership site.  All you need is wifi.  And a wee bit of mojo. 

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