i don't know what i'd do without the daily 15.

you will feel the same.  it becomes your diary of strength, your daily willingness to put yourself wholly into the landscape of your busy life.

show up with me every day and do your thing.  Oh, and stay stronger than you thought possible so that you can start making adventure less fantasy and more reality. 

The Daily 15 is daily advanced High Intensity Interval Training and a constant advancement in our strength, you and me together.  The workouts are different every.single.day and each one carefully builds your strength so that you're well-rounded and as distant from injury as possible.  

I show up as I am, even with sick kids and pajamas and laundry and bad mojo, and you show up as you are.  Instead of spending your day planning how you are going to fit your workout in or torturing yourself about what you need to do, the Daily 15 gives you enough.  It keeps you getting stronger on it's own, but also leaves open the room/space/strength for you to dabble in extracurricular classes/adventures when it's feasible and purely for pleasure, rather than duty.  

Also available is a hefty archive of over 650 (and growing) past workouts.  Oh, and you get to be alongside other women just like you as they show up every day and laugh at Courtney's latest cues like, "Squeeze Your Sphincter," and latest choices of wild leggings.  

are you ready to stop the torture of trying to figure out how to fit fitness in?  Are you ready to be scrappy and real and authentically strong on your terms?  you're not alone.  Click that heart and keep me company for only $2/month.



All content is available to you 24/7 via a accessible membership site.  All you need is wifi.  And a wee bit of mojo. 

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