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For Daily 15ers, your donation to Share the Show Up is gonna require a bit more moxie, a bit more oomph, and a bit more revolution.  But, it's reciprocal.  By taking a chance to light a fire in YOUR belly, you're gonna be fanning the flames for other women who need it so very badly.   In other words, pony up.  We've got an easy way to get this going for you.

Here's the instructions on how to fill out this form:

MY TIP TOP # OF WORKOUTS THIS WEEK:  Identify what you want to push yourself to do this week.  Take into account your schedule, your demands, your health, your family's health, obligations, etc and pick a reasonable, yet ambitious number of workouts to do this week.  FYI, it will change weekly depending on all those variables.  Be ok with that.  

HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL IN MY LIFE:  Think about how your want your feel eventually in your life.   What's your pain point?  What's the thing/sensation you feel would make your life more yours?  Pick an adjective.  Free?  Secure?  Energetic?  Balances?  Adventurous?  Connected?  Light?  Happy?  Once you've done that, make sure you've not been too safe or too "PC."  For instance, I want to feel "solvent" in my life.  Now, I was tempted to say, "secure" because that is less scary, less exposing.  Solvent goes right to the pain point, the thing we often don't want to say or share.  Go there.  (but try not to overthink!)

WHAT STEPS/RISKS CAN I TAKE TO GET CLOSER TO THAT FEELING?  Make a laundry list of actions you can take that will get you closer to that feeling.  Just brain dump here, don't analyze.  A lot of these actions will feel a bit risky (or hard or unknown or scary or impossible) for whatever reason personal to you.  That's good.  Write them down.  

WHICH ONE OF THE ABOVE STEPS/RISKS WILL I TAKE THIS WEEK?  Pick ONE of the steps above.  Grab the one that feels the most fluid, the most close, the easiest.  Don't pick one that is too big, too much.  You'll get there eventually, don't worry.  Right now, though, grab the one that is closest, easiest, most feasible, or more direct.  Next week you can either pick another one from the list, or perhaps you'll discover that the one you took this week needs to be focused on more or broken down a bit.  

Now, GO!  Fill out that form!  Amazing women-in-need NEED you.  And you need this too.