did you know that you're an athlete?  you are. 

Why, then, do you not get specialized training for the wild ride that motherhood is?

WHY, THEN, do you not get rehabilitative support directly after giving birth for the biomechanical disruption that happens?  

Welcome to Di-Recti, an effective diastasis recti treatment program that helps you resolve the very common, but neglected condition most women face.  We separate ourselves from the pack by developing our system on the simple truth that you will never "cure" diastasis recti.  It doesn't magically go away.  No.  Instead, you get to learn how to integrate your core dynamically so that the condition is fully managed and fully treatable and, by doing so, you become stronger and more resilient and more playful in your everyday life.  

And unlike other diastasis recti programs out there, you don't need a part time job worth of free time in order to tackle your healing, nor do you need a degree in human anatomy.  Di-Recti is simple, straight forward, and only demands 20 minutes of your day at the most.  In fact, by the last day, you are down to only 4 minutes a day.  

Oh, and the best part?  This incredible program has options that cover all the possible bases of birth and can be done directly after giving birth, no matter your condition.  

  • Just Gave Birth Session
  • Traumatic/C-Section Birth Session
  • Regular 14-Day Session
  • Extended Support Session

this is a no-brainer.  you deserve to treat your amazing body like the athlete it has been and the athlete it will be.  click the heart below and claim your birthright to resiliency for only $2/month.  



All content is available to you 24/7 via a accessible membership site.  All you need is wifi.  And a wee bit of mojo. 

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