Hook "underwhelming goals" FORM


NEED HELP FILLING THIS OUT?  I've got answers!  scroll below the image.  otherwise, click it and go.

For Hook-ers, your donation to Share the Show Up is dependent on your weekly "underwhelming goal" number.  If you meet your goal by the end the week, you'll be able to donate to our incredible Share the Show Up outreach program, which is helping women in need in really huge ways.  When we visit them, we get to tell them that we are there because YOU decided to show up even when you didn't want to because you wanted to help them.  

Here's the instructions on how to fill out this form:

MY UNDERWHELMING # THIS WEEK:  Identify the number of workouts you want to do this week, BUT THEN do a serious hard look at that workout goal.  Can you do that number, reasonably?  Does your life, your health, your kids, your mojo, your schedule, your obligations make that number possible?  Don't take a big bite of this whole Hook thing in a way that will fail.  Take THE most practical, feasible, underwhelming goal you can muster.  If you exceed it, fantastic.  But, all we care about is that you love yourself and your life as it is right now and begin to create a sustainable change in your wellness and strength by starting right where you are.  No superheroes needed.  No pummeling wanted.  Acceptance, compassion, honesty, willingness only.   

Now, GO!  Fill out that form!  Amazing women-in-need NEED you.  And you need this too.