So, you either:

  • Have tried The Hook and haven't finished or haven't shown up like you want, or
  • You've done The Hook, you've been showing up a bit and you want next level strength, consistency, help, insight, and adventure, or
  • You've got some behavior stuff and bad habits that are getting in the way of your Daily 15 results and you're ready to be the ninja superstar you deserve to be

welcome to The Hook ... Up

What you will be doing:

  • 30-Days of new Hook workouts, specifically targeted and created for maximum results to key target muscles - additional tools and equipment will be used! (fun, fun)
  • Consistency Accountability:  Unlike The Hook with underwhelming goals, we'll be nurturing a consistent, daily approach to these workouts through strategic accountability and extra hand-holding
  • Behavior Modification:  You'll be involved in group and individual coaching to face head on the things that are sabotaging your vitality and your wellness
  • Relational Motivation:  You'll be in deep with Share the Show Up, from our current programs to creating your own donations to your specific areas of interest/concern as a vehicle for feeling more connected to purposeful physical strength
  • Rewards/Adventures:  You'll set up desirable, practical, reachable, exciting rewards and adventures that fuel your progress and get you lit up about your daily hustle.


  • Daily worksheets and materials
  • Daily Accountability Buddy System 
  • One-on-One coaching with Courtney & with Barbie
  • Group calls and group coaching
  • Hands-on work in our outreach program, Share the Show Up
  • Discounts on adventures and rewards
Nobody ever drowned in [her] own sweat.
— Ann Landers


Starts September 12, 2016 (because summer) (and because start of school chaos) (because it's feasible)

Only open to 100 members

make this the time you do the thing.