Member Monday: Teya Sparks

I'd like to introduce you to Teya Sparks.  I know, she is as awesome as this picture leads you to believe.  Actually, more so.  I can say without hesitation that if it were not for Teya, I would not be here in Momma Strong as I am.  She was the catalyst for me beginning to show up in the world.  She was fully conscious even when I wasn't what a journey it was going to be - requiring pain and learning and sacrifice and courage - but she also knew how worth it is was.  My entire being has shifted, from how I look to how I breathe to how I say YES to how I say NO and to how I choose to be visible.  I'd say her type of coaching is magic, but that would undermine her skill.  It's more than magic.  It's how she gets to share her genius.  (PS: she's available for coaching and all sorts of other services if you are so inclined)

Her bio, in her words:

Teya Sparks
Mom of two. Daughter Evan 12, Son Nash 6
Expert in Human Mojo.
Founder of Sharespace, a Coworking Space and Incubator for the Person Behind the Project (You).


What makes you feel strong?
I feel strong when I'm in my element. When being me helps someone else be who they are. I feel my strength via my brain when I translate a person's genius into a tangible plan. The more I own my value, the stronger I feel. Oh and the strongest shade of hot pink lipstick.