Exploration Wellness

I was watching my Wee One play with Legos last night, her chubby little fingers rounding the edges of the smooth plastic and her head twisting side to side as she discovered the bumpy dimples.  Her curiosity turned to frustration in the moments where she tried to pull a few adjoined pieces apart.  After numerous failed attempts, she put the pieces down and looked away, her little two year angst mounting to a degree in which I was quite certain Legos were to be hurled in my direction.  Instead, however, she distracted herself with an one-legged cricket nearby - the one that had narrowly escaped the bearded dragon hours earlier (I know, we're like a full-on zoo and accidental science lab over here).

I began to associate her distraction with typical human behavior - how we tend to give up and walk away when things get tough.  And, then.  Then.  After properly dismantling the remaining leg on that poor surviving cricket, she turned back around and rekindled her Lego adventure.  I was shocked to notice that her fingers seemed more dexterous this time; frustration had drained from their movement and in its place, purpose.  And sure enough, within moments, she had all the Legos unadjoined - and, well, organized by color and size and molecular mass.  (I just exaggerated her genius, yes)

And because I love the cliche of mixed metaphor blog posts about your kids, here you go.  What if we applied this level of patience and exploration to our own wellness?  What if we gave ourselves time to consider how we, as individuals, want to workout or move or eat or be?  AND, what if we allowed ourselves the gift of having preferences and unique pathways for our unique wellness?   

Maybe you're a die hard.  Maybe you like to go balls to the wall and jump head first into a strict wellness schedule.  Maybe you are a dabbler.  Maybe you like to have a cheat day.  Maybe you are half in, half out.  Maybe you will only workout while dancing to Cher in your granny panties on Sunday afternoon at 5.  I don't care.  No one cares.  What matters is this:  Are you staying put?  Are you working towards a goal?  Is your focus to enjoy the pleasure of being well?  Are you indulging in the adventure of discovering what makes you connect to your best self?   

Take your time.  Go dismantle a cricket if you need to.  But, come back.   What if Wee One had thrown those Legos across the room and then started beating herself up either out loud or silently about what a lazy louse she was for not getting that Lego thing right the first go-round?  Yeah.  That'd be lame.  And we'd get a bit concerned about her mental status.  Yet, we do the same thing to ourselves as adults. 

Wellness is a winding, ever-changing road.  It's not going to look the same today as it is tomorrow.  Nothing is the same, not ever - not even moment to moment.  If we can be flexible and wake up every day with the mentality of exploration, then we might stand a chance at actually becoming conscious enough to listen to what our body needs instead of beating into submission.  My bet is that the more we allow for this, the more we'll show up consistently.  And the more we show up consistently, the better we get at building some pretty badass Lego structures. 

And that, folks, is your cliched mixed metaphor o' the week.  GO PLAY WITH LEGOS (wellness).  You get it.  I know.  (shut it down, Courtney).