Member Monday: Lauren Ignited

Annnnnd, I'm pleased to introduce you to gorgeous Lauren Ramsey.  And guess what?  Lauren is not a momma technically, as in no kiddos in her brood, BUT, she reflects the diversity of women that share space here at Momma Strong and certainly speaks to the truth that all women are nurturers and caretakers in ways perhaps not traditionally defined.  Lauren is a momma of Momma Strong's flight, being our main PR squeeze.  Without her, I may have never learned the word "tweet" ... don't get me started on "four square."  PS:  Her blog,, is a serious bonus when you are looking to escape the chaos of your house - she is in the know (not the no-no) and can lead you to the buzz of Houston's best on most days of the week.


Patient. Kind. Right-Brain/Left-Brain Blend. Passionate sharer of stories. Founder of Betsy Bash, a company that's enthusiastic about spreading the great work your company is achieving via social media, PR and events. The Lauren in Lauren Ignited, a blog dedicated to sharing the best underground events and concerts happening in Houston. Proud supporter of #SLGT.

What makes you, Lauren, feel strong?

I feel strong when I'm capturing a moment that catapults both the subject and the audience to the next level. It could be an artist sharing a tender moment with the crowd. Or it could be a small business defining and launching their dream. But, in that moment, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'm seeing defining moments in people's lives and I'm participating in sharing that story with the world, in my unique way. That's when I feel strong.