Thousand Words Thursday

Ok, crash and burn on our instagram contests.  But, because we're stubborn as hell, we're sticking with an image focused day AND a contest. 

This is inspired (yet again, always) by Barbie, our consigliere, who has an amazing blog herself and used this very topic with great success.  We will try try try to match it.  So, here's the deal.  I post an image related to motherhood/strength/wellness/badassery and you all get to caption it right here in the comments below this post, hence the "thousand words" heading (as in "that picture is worth a thousand words," ahem).  Funny.  Goofy.  Sarcastic.  Profound.  Thoughtful.  Lyrical.  Wrong.  Whatever.  Go for it.  We'll pick a winner the following Wednesday and, yes, (try try again), that winner will win a t-shirt like a real winner!

So, let's go for it.  Here's our first installment.  Again, post your caption in the comment section below this post!

Ok, GO.  In the comments below, let 'er rip!