Fit Tip Friday

Fit Tip today involves the above picture.  There is always a way to get a workout in.  Creativity breeds strength.   

What happens when you don't have internet access?  Or maybe the baby finally fell asleep two feet away in the bassinet and you don't want to wake her.  Or maybe you broke your toe and can't jump around.  There are often realistic obstacles to fitting your workout in that could easily serve as valid reasons to not show up.  BUT, what if you chose creativity and innovation instead?  Give your strength a chance by being your own Courtney. 

The following is a great set of exercises that you Momma Strong-ers should be able to pull out without my cueing (since we do them a lot)  and that is quiet, impact free, and pretty darn awesome.

  1. Sideplanks
  2. Calf Raises
  3. Bird Dogs
  4. Renegade Rows
  5. Chinese Push-ups
  6. Potty Squat Hold
  7. Pelvic Presses
  8. Side Leg Lifts - Right Side
  9. SIde Leg Lifts - Left Side
  10. Froggies
  11. S&M
  12. Hip Hikes (tummy) 
  13. Wide Leg Planks with side leg (alternating)
  14. Forward Flexion (alternating)