Fit Tip Friday: Yo Momma Was Wrong about Your Posture

Chin up.  Shoulders back.  Flat Back.  W-R-O-N-G. 

Guess what?  Yo momma was wrong about posture.  It's not her fault, though.  She was handed down this info probably from her mother who was handed this down from someone else and all the way down the line until we get to the Victorian Era when we decided women needed to be corseted and bound and flat and infantile.  Yes, I just went on a rant.  And, yes, that was all completely historically accurate.  Not.  But.  Onward.

So, basically, your body depends on an intricate balance of structural alignment in order to keep you walking on two feet with that bowling ball of a head on the tippy top.  Your spine is designed with specific curves (lumbar, thoracic, cervical) in order to balance your bowling ball with the least amount of effort possible.  Your upright posture is an engineering feat!  But, it's also a sensitive one, meaning you need to have these curves supported and stabilized in order to make the whole system work.  Unfortunately, most common posture cues actually diminish these curves, which causes a whole bunch of unwanted consequences, from disc issues to shoulder impingement to knee problems to back pain to jaw tension ... you name it.  So, let me repeat:  The curves in your spine are GOOD.  They become an issue only when we are forcing them to be something they're not (straight) or not giving them the support they need through proper core strength.

I wrote a Momma Strong's freebie ebook that debunks common posture myths and gets super awesomely nerdy about your anatomy and how exactly you can stand with good posture ASAP.   Please take a gander and soak it all in.  My belief is that standing with good posture is THE best core exercise you can do.  So, when you apply these principles, not only are your creating balance and ease in your whole system, but you are actually constantly conditioning key muscles in your body that will keep you in full badass mode for a long time to come.  Here's a sneak peek of how to stand tall.  Please read the ebook for more specifics though!  How do you get this ebook, you ask?  Fill out that form on the freebie page and grab it, along with a few others.