Member Monday: Wendy Wight

Ok, so get ready to be swept away.  I'm pleased to introduce Wendy Wight, a member of our Tribe and a gorgeously talented artist.  Wendy defies the typical stereotypes of artist, though.  Not only is she creatively charged, she treats her art like it matters (which is does).  This means she approaches everything she does as a professional.  It's courageous.  And the results are incredible.  Etched in whimsy, conceived by the word "YES," and held together by hard hard work.  Oh, and you're gonna want a print (or two or three) ... just FYI. 

Wendy's bio:

Professional Artist, mother, wife, friend.  My current work is utilizing peoples old mementos in my paintings.  Just recently I received a huge box of love letters from the 1940s.  They are so beautifully written, very intimate and sexy.  My whole family is falling in love with both of these people.  We are reading the letters to each other.  The letters will be used in some kind of project soon.  I treat my studio practice like a job and this allows me to be really present with my family when I am at home.  I love cooking meals and entertaining my neighbors and friends at our home.  

Portfolio of Work -

My video - A Conversation with Wendy Wight


What makes you, Wendy, feel strong?

When I can come up with an idea or a solution that utilizes the materials that we have on hand.  Make It Work is a mini-mantra for me.  

Something that made me feel really strong this summer was driving to Maine, and back, by myself.  It made me feel that if I can drive 2000 miles on my own, I can do anything.