Member Monday: Cindy Hernandez Torchia

I'm pleased to introduce Cindy Hernandez Torchia.  Gorgeous.  Generous.  Authentic. Wise.  Always ready.  Cindy is also a dear friend and has shown up for me at very fragile in times of my life, reminding me always, in Mary Oliver's words: "What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places?"

Cindy's Bio:

Clinical social worker, adoption home study expert, half marathoner, and full-time mama of two.  She provides psychotherapeutic counseling and adoptive services to families in need of stronger mental health as well as building and creating new families through adoption.   

What makes you feel strong?

I work hard, play hard, and need to stay strong for myself and all who depend on me.  I balance me time with every other priority.  I run to clear my head and momma strong provides me the best cross training core strength to keep up the endurance I need to last in everything that I do.  Or else I'd seriously be the tin man.