Instagramazing Thursday 2

Ok.  We're trying this again.  It was a massive flop the last time. Ha!  I never give up though. COME ON TRIBE!  Get instagrammizing!  This time, I'm putting a sooner deadline on the whole thing so you don't forget, as in by tomorrow (11/8) at 4:00pm CST.  AND YOU GET A BADASS tSHIRT on the house if you are the winner.  Go.  Do.  Let's be awesome. 


This week's theme:  What does your 15-minutes look like?  Take a pic of where you work out, what you are wearing (or not), who/what visits you during the workout, etc etc etc.  Read below the picture for instructions.  And the do it already!  Easy.

Ok, here are the steps:

1) Find Momma Strong on Instagram.    momma_strong

2) Follow us!  (I'll follow you back) 

3) Post a picture on your instagram account of where you experience your Daily 15, and then type @momma_strong

4) ***IMPORTANT ... INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING HASHTAGS:  #mommastrong #myfifteenminutes

5) The contest ends tomorrow (11/8) at 4:00pm CST 

6) Get active and comment (kindly) on each other's entries!

7) Winner will be chosen Friday, Nov. 8 at 4:30pm CST