Member Monday: Maria Harrington

Ok, so I don't have favorites ... BUT, Maria (aka Mia) is certainly one who defies that rule.  She shows up for her Daily 15 nearly every day and has walked through the process with the sort of honesty, grittiness, humor, and "begin again-ness" that MommaStrong hopes to engender.  I had the pleasure of getting to meet her through her husband, Austin, in a MFA program we were in together.  And through listening to him talk about his wife with such respect and down deep love/appreciation, I knew I had to know her.  Austin, thank you for sharing your gorgeous wife with me and, Mia, shine bright girl.

Mia's Bio:

I am a full time stay at home wife and mom living in Des Moines IA. My wonderful husband, Austin, is how I came to know Courtney and Momma Strong. I have two beautiful boys Atticus Rayne (2yr) and Ronan Wilde Skye (11mo) who constantly conspire against me, which is why I refer to them as my lil terrorists. I went to school for massage therapy but after graduating decided it wasn't what I wanted to do everyday. The spa atmosphere wasn't for me so in January I will be entering a photography program. I'm excited for a chance to explore this new opportunity (I just want to take pictures of my kids).

What makes you, Mia, feel strong?

Oddly enough I feel strongest on my weakest days. The days when I wake up knowing there is no way I could force myself through a workout or even out of bed. Those are the days when I surprise myself and push through 15 consecutive burpees with out a struggle (or knocking into a kid) and don't stop till that final glorious beep. Dead, out of breath, soaking in sweat but I fucking nailed it!