Member Monday: Dr. Laura Dayton

I'm pleased to introduce you to Dr. Laura Dayton.  I wish I could find all the words to describe this most amazing member of our tribe.  What I can say is that she is a whole, vibrant, loyal, unconditionally connected, curious, and unwaveringly real human being.  Full disclosure, we've been dear friends since middle school.  Forever people exist (gratitude).

Laura's bio:

I am a full time veterinarian and mom in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I have two adorable and full spirited children: Wyatt, age 3 and Nola age 20 months.  In my free time (a rarity) I love to curl up with a good book and my favorite night out with my husband is to go to the theatre.  Musicals are my favorite.

What makes you, Laura, feel strong?

I feel most strong when I choose to do something fun on my day off rather than just sit around the house doing laundry or picking up after my kids.  I've run two marathons, been a competitive swimmer and put myself through 4 years of veterinary school.  Chasing my kids for the day is still hands down the most exhausting sport I've ever participated in.