Begin Again

When I first started Momma Strong, I was a mess.  Physically, emotionally, everything-ally.  I was not fit, not in the least.  Did I know how to get fit?  Yes.  Did I do anything to get me there?  Nope.  In fact, most of the time in those first few weeks and months after having my second baby girl, I could be found in the evenings by myself watching reruns of Bethenny Ever After and eating gluten free bagels or tortillas or waffles until it hurt.

I felt like a big fake.  There I was trying to start an online fitness business for moms when I had a mushy, bloated tummy and serious back pain.  But, I felt this pull towards it and while some of it came out of a desperate search for creating an income while also being able to stay home with my kids, some of that pull came from something bigger than I could identify.  I won't call it a purpose, just a pull towards something I knew I needed to pay attention to.  I also knew that if I could get myself moving again, that I could help so many other women.  Beyond that, I was sick of hearing people talk about losing baby weight and I wanted to rebel against being yet another voice in the crowd saying we needed to focus on self-care in order to be beautiful women inside and out.  This didn't cut it for me and certainly didn't hook me into my own wellness.  No, I wanted to feel alive.  I wanted to feel strong.  I wanted to not spend my days feeling like crap for not doing enough.  I wanted an exercise program that was simply enough. 

So, that's what I did.  I asked myself one night, Ok, Courtney, you are a trainer who hates working out.  That's odd, but maybe that's a good thing.  What would you do everyday to stay fit if you could, keeping in mind that you are a mom with a baby and an extremely sensitive 6-year old who fakes being sick lots of days to stay home from school?  At first, I wished for yoga classes and long walks and triathalons and tough mudder's and and and.  And then I was like, wait, what am I trying to do?  What I want is to workout in a way that doesn't feel like I have to be someone else.  I want to have something at my fingertips that meets me where I am and that doesn't force me to workout for hours in my house all by myself. 

Meet Momma Strong:

15-minute high intensity workouts.  Done and done.

Zero contraindicative exercises so that I won't injured.

Different everyday so that I don't get bored.

A real live trainer who huffs and puffs and falls over and forgets exercises and barely wears spandex and has a crying baby in the background.  Who shows up as she is.  No fakery.

And, so, I started with that.  And, here we are.  Here I am.  These workouts have changed my life in ways I never ever expected.  When I say it's the only exercise I do - at least consistently - that is the absolute truth.  Showing up every day to workout like we do has lifted my spirits, created life changes in every area of my existence, literally rid me of chronic physical pain, and given me strength I thought I'd never get back.  And so I am here today to tell you that what I am doing is not something I am trying to sell to you or convince you to do, but instead just to serve you.  Truly.  From my guts.  I want to revolutionize women's wellness and I want to start right here.  Being real.  Listening to you.

Please, please, don't ever - for even a nanosecond - think I haven't been where you are right now.  That I've always been strong and able.  Not true.  I just faked fitness really well.  I didn't start getting strong until I started showing up for you guys. 

Start today if you haven't started.  Begin again if you've left things behind.  I'll work harder on meeting you where you are, because I know how important it is to feel like this is manageable.

I hear you.  I get you.  Let's do this together. 

Go forth and conquer.  Trust me when I say progress is not just possible, it is inevitable.

I love each and every one of you. I'm here for you if you need me. 

Love and Light,