10:35pm:  I sit down to click "make active" on tomorrow's page in our membership site, the workout having been uploaded and embedded earlier in the day.  No luck.  Page loads and loads, but won't pull up. 

10:37pm: Try try again.  No luck

10:38pm:  Try try again.  No luck

10:41pm:  WTF?!

10:42pm: Try the other computer.  BOO.  Still no luck.

10:43pm.  Surrender.  Get ready for bed.

11:35pm:  Take laptop to bed.  Try try again.  DANG IT GODS OF TECHNOLOGY. 

11:38pm:  Pray.  Try try again.  NOPE.  NADA.  NIL.

11:42pm:  Again.  No.

11:43pm:  Nope.

11:59pm:  OK.  Still nope.  Surrender.  White flag.  Set my alarm for 4:30am and plan on trying while staying half asleep to hit that button - one task, easy peasy, no biggie.

4:30am:  Ugh.  Holy crap.  I think I'm crazy.  Imagine writing a message to the tribe about how sometimes you can't Keep Fucking Going.  And how I'm a crazy mad woman.  (probably all true - blog post still planned).  Lean over to do the task anyway.  Page loads now, but the message says: "We're Down for Maintenance.  We shouldn't be gone for too long!  Check back soon!"  Whaaaat?  I don't wanna check back soon.  I want to go to sleep.  I have a moment.  Or 3.

4:33am:  Just before officially deciding it didn't matter, that the workout archives are plentiful and that you all are smart, I have an idear.  Ah ha.  Post it live on the actual website. Make it a blog post.  They get their workout and you can go to bed. 

4:44am:  Done.  Back to sleep.

Lesson:  Choose resiliency.  Everyone wins.  Maybe don't wake up at ungodly hours to do so, but when something pops up - an obstacle, an unknown force of resistance - take a moment to fret and then find the flexibility.  Get creative.  See the other route.  Trust that you can handle stuff.  And start living in the solution.  It will make you feel kinda awesome. 

You got this.  Here's your workout today.  Oh, and I'm sure the membership site will be up and functioning by mid morning. :)