Member Monday (and a new blog schedule)

Howdy folks.  So, guess what?  I got my sh*t together!  Wait, no, not at all.  But, I did set up a fancy new blog schedule that you will love love love.  It will keep things all active and beefy in Momma Strong-verse.     And, today is officially the first day of "Member Monday," wherein a highlight some of the amazing fabulous courageous badass things some of our fellow Tribe members are up to.  The featured superhero today is Emily Moore, to whom I'm about to introduce you.  And the way this will work from here on out is that each person will answer the same three questions and give us some info about what their genius is.  But, first ... two things:

1) If you happen to be a Tribe member and you want some space in Momma Strong-verse, hit me up!  Tell me your story.  My intention is to share your genius in all the ways I can.

2) The Blog Schedule from now on: 

Member Monday; Truth Tuesday (a bloggity blog from me about my travails in the jungle of motherhood and badassery); Womanly Wednesday (highlighting amazing momma movements around the globe, past and present); Instagramazing Thursday (weekly Instagram contest with prizes, holla); Fit Tip Friday (fitness tips that only your fearless nerdy leader could provide).

Ok, and now for the good stuff.  I'd like to introduce you a dear friend and genius in oh so many ways, Emily Moore.  PS:  If you have done the Prenatal Workout, you'll recognize Emily from that video, except she is sans baby belly now. 

In her words ... 

I'm Emily and I have been styling my friends and family for as long as I can remember (sometimes against their wishes). I dream about outfits day and night, and can probably tell you what I am wearing to an event 6 months from now.  My first adult job was in fashion.  I took a brief 7 year sabbatical to (happily) become a baby factory.  My life has gone from surviving on ramen in order to buy more clothes to being a wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters.  I must admit, the life change threw my creativity off course... but I'm back.  I feel my best when I put a little thought into getting dressed and I hope to help inspire you to do the same. 

Visit her blog folks ... so good ...

And, now, for the Three Questions:


1) What makes you feel strong? 

Not having to wait for my husband to get home to help me lift or move heavy objects makes me feel strong.

2)  What's something people might not know about you?

I took sign language for 4 years in elementary school. Even though I am right-handed, I only sign with my left hand.

3) What one quality/value/wisdom do you hope your kids learn from you?

I want my girls to know that being good and kind to yourself is not selfish.


Swoon.  I love you Emily.  Rock on soul sister.   

PS.  Ahem.  Psssssst.  Go check out her blog!