Member Monday: Ginger Paskowitz

Good morning everyone ... I'd like to introduce you Ginger Paskowitz.  Ginger, it's a pleasure to have you here, representing all the many ways us mommas show up.  Thank you for being such a huge supporter of Momma Strong.

Ginger Paskowitz is currently a stay at home mom of two kids, age 2 and 4, and lives in Katy, TX.  In her life before children, Ginger earned her Master’s of Social Work degree from Smith College in Massachusetts.  After graduating she worked at The Menninger Clinic in Houston, TX, an inpatient hospital specializing in treating individuals with complex mental illness, including severe mood, personality, anxiety and addictive disorders.  Ginger worked on the adolescent and young adult units treating patients age 13- 29.  After becoming a mom, Ginger had a part-time private practice in Houston before her family moved to Katy.  Ginger is excited to return to work when her children are enrolled full time in school.  She believes that her experience as a mom will strengthen her work with her patients and their families.  It really is true that there are some things you just don’t understand until becoming a mother. 

So, I ask:  Ginger, what makes you feel strong?

I discovered last week that I have the ability to carry both of my kids up the stairs at the same time.  It was a moment when one kid was sick with a fever and trying his best to melt into the floor and the other kid had just skinned her knee and was still limping around on one leg.  It was bath time, and I wanted the day to be OVER as soon as possible…and I got it done.  I also feel strong when I can beat my husband at physical challenges.  HA! But the best part about being physically active for me is the mental and emotional strength that I feel.  My mind feels clearer and I feel more happy and calm when I exercise regularly.