Member Monday: April Hopp

I'd like to introduce you all to the gorgeous April Hopp.  I'd also like to take a minute and say that April is not only a die-hard who shows up for her 15-minutes consistently, but she is an endlessly inspiring, positive, present, and connected member of our Tribe.  I'm so honored to have her support and to have her presence in this group.  Thank you for sharing yourself April! 

Meet April: 

Originally I'm from Canada, but over the past 20 years I have been a bit of a nomad and have lived in 4 countries and 7 cities. We moved to Central Mexico nearly 10 years ago and 6 years ago 3 tiny, crazy, funny little people joined our lives.  Yes, we have triplets!

I have a BA in psyc and a BEd and in my life before kids I was a Kindergarten teacher/ Vice Principal. Since then my time is spent juggling these little ones whose personalities are as different from one another as they could possibly be!

I feel strong when I am playing with my kids outside, rather than just watching them play.

I also feel strong when I have to carry 2 of them at once and they tell me they "know" I could put the 3rd one on my shoulders and carry them all if I had to.  They might be right!