Member Monday: Maria Theresa Soendergaard

Maria came to our recent event at Nine Maternity and because of the small crowd, I got to work with her one-on-one.  The beautiful thing here is that while I knew just from meeting her that morning that she was amazing, when I got to read her story, I was like, I need to know this person. 

We all have such stories behind us (and in front of us), don't we?  And I love that what we do here at MommaStrong helps those stories show up in women's lives through strength that matters.

Maria's Bio:

My name is Maria Soendergaard, I'm 35 (for another 3 weeks anyway) years old and live in Houston, TX with my husband and our 2 boys, Joe (5) & Bastiann (3).

Born in Beirut, Lebanon during the civil war in '78, my mother decided it was probably not the best place for me to grow up, so she gave me up and I was adopted by a Danish couple and was able to call Denmark my home country at the age of 3 weeks old.

Houston has become home, and motherhood has become a part of me, the person I am now. 

What makes you, Maria, feel strong?

Up until about a year ago I did not feel like I could be myself (adrenalin junkie) AND a mother at the same time. Now I am aware and accepting of who I have become, and THAT makes me feel strong. I am very thankful to have found a community like MOMMA STRONG. I'm new here, but I know that I'm accepted and have support no matter what, and THAT rocks!