Truth Tuesday: Don't Be a Holiday 2014 Stress Statistic

I recently read some scary statistics in a survey done by the American Psychological Association about stress during the holidays and how dramatically more weighted it is on women. 

So, while it could be "fun" to sit idle in the shocking reality of these stats, I'm a solution girl.   And this is where I came to a screeeeeeeeching halt.  The solutions suggested by "experts" for these stresses are so ridiculously simplistic that my reaction was a mix of tears and total maniacal laughter.  

I'll say this:  I’m not buying into the simplistic solutions to holiday stress or to any stress that a woman confronts.  I want to actually be well and be merry and be human!  I refuse to be a Holiday 2014 Stress Statistic!  I will show up for myself and for my health this year.

Bingo.  Now, the question I ask myself is:  What can MommaStrong do? 

Easy.  We already do it.  But, I'm gonna take it up a notch and make it fun, silly, and playful so you can't ever say being well is boring.

This November, join me for a round of the Hook I've called The Show Up Showdown

If you are new to The Hook, you grab your spot.  And, in exchange I give you a gift certificate to give to a comrade.  Then you and your comrade square off for 30-Days to see who can show up the most.  The one who shows up the least at the end of the 30-Days has to bake the "winner" a dozen holiday cookies while wearing a festive costume decided upon by said "winner."  Documentation required.  Social media be warned. 


If you are already a Hook-er or a Tribe member, no sweat.  Join up with a current Hook or Daily 15 buddy and have a showdown.  Better yet, help spread the solution to stress to your buds and get them to sign up this season.

Screw the rules.  Let's meet this reality of holiday stress with guts and gumption.  Let's all agree NOT to be a holiday stress statistic.  And, heck, let's actually enjoy what's left of 2014, leaving very little to call for resolution in 2015.