Truth Tuesday: The Ha-Ha Game

The MommaStrong team is resettling after an incredible weekend of our very first Recess, so please pardon the exterior proof of that in the form of any delays here on our site.  We’ll be caught up by the end of the day.  ;)

So, today, on Truth Tuesday, I wanted to just mention one thing that I learned from the weekend.  We, as moms, tend to give ourselves a hard time for not always enjoying every moment with our kids.  We decide that instead of this being an obvious and normal result of being with a child at times, that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed.  And then we get sad.  And then we try to distract ourselves from the sadness and from what we feel is some sort of fatal flaw as a mom.  

And I want to just say this:  There is nothing to be fixed, except the perspective AND a deeper look into how we might not be “feeding” ourselves.  If our lives and who we are get delineated by a label of “mom,” then we stand at risk of forgetting that we have a lot going on within and around that facet of our existence.  And when we aren’t doing at least teeny tiny things to express, nurture, and discover who we are, then we will certainly start feeling the “shoulds” of the mom label come pressing down.  That’s when we start taking waaaaaaaay too seriously how and if we love every moment of playing with our kids.  

What are you doing to feed you?  What risks are you taking to stretch outside the mom container?  

I’ve included a clip above of Louis CK doing a bit on playing with kids and how boring it can be.  It’s hilarious.  While you’re watching yourself ask the following questions:

  1. Because he has confessed this, do I now see him as a shitty dad?  
  2. Is it possible that he is able to give himself a break and laugh about this reality because he has established a very strong link to expressing himself outside of his parent role?