Truth Tuesday: Me, Not a Spandex Queen?

Holy moly.  I just had this massive wave of gratitude for something kinda awesome:

We've created a place here at MommaStrong where I get to show up every day with zero concern about the "object" of my wellness.  Meaning, I film EVERY DAY.  I'm on camera EVERY DAY.  And not one of them do I even think about how I look.  I mean it.  This is true.  And I didn't even realize that this is the situation here in my life/job/hello until just a second ago, when I saw a troop of prettied-up fitness instructors getting ready for some sort of promotional thing. 

I show up in wrinkled pajamas, with my hair in whatever form it needs to be in order to not be in my face, without makeup, with boogers from yesteryear's germfest, fireplace ash on the ass cheek of my leggings, mismatched socks, bloated belly from PMS or that extra large burger moments before "record," kids asking for help, random objects and mess littered about, dogs barking, etc etc etc.

This is HUGE.  If we really take a minute and breathe this in, we can see the glorious amazingness of what is behind the scenes of what I'm saying.  If I cared for a second - or if my tribe of mommas cared for a second - how I looked while doing this incredible mission that, I guarantee, I would not still be here.  When wellness and vitality become measured by the object of you, then it fails.  Why?  Because it's impossible to maintain that object and it's actually completely disempowering.  It becomes a bitter battle to something completely unreachable and, in the end, not really what you want any way. 

Instead, the stuff I do here is merely focused on me keeping my brain in good working order, my resiliency in tact, and my ability to making showing up for myself a priority in the midst of chaos.  So, I get to show up as I am.  AS I AM.  Not as the idealized object the normal fitness world would beg of me. 

This is really important.  This is the movement of MommaStrong.  Deep breath.  Gratitude. 

And because I love ya, I've included a free workout below from our Daily 15 archives that is in the theme - literally, because I'm a nerd EVERY DAY - of "I am not a superwoman."  Please share the good news.

(thank you) (go be a mess)