Member Monday: Maureen Hodson

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a fairly new member of the MommaStrong tribe.  But, with that said, she feels like someone who has been here all along.  She has walked through each step of what we offer, starting with the postpartum core camp, now finishing up her first go-round of The Hook, and soon heading into The Daily 15.  She has done it with a certain warrior style that deserves an immense amount of respect.  And while I knew she was amazing, after requesting for her to send in her bio for a Member Monday feature, I'm now completely humbled.  Warrior, indeed.  Please enjoy the fabulous Maureen ... and follow her lead.  Meaning, show up. 

Maureen's Bio:

I am an East coast transplant living in Marin County California with my toddler, newborn and husband.  I'm a survivor of a tragic childhood, having lost my mother to suicide at 5 and my father to cancer at 8.  After his death, my brother and I were raised by friends of my parents in Maine.  I graduated high school in 3 years, and was a three season athlete, running in spring and fall to train for Nordic skiing in winter.  I went to a hippy college with no grades and no tests, and graduated with a degree in freshwater ecology.  I followed a boy to California, with no job and no place to live, but found both quickly. I've driven cross country 8 times, have lived in 8 states + Sydney Australia.  I went to law school in my mid-20s and for the past 6 years I have been working as an environmental attorney, representing landowners with contaminated property. I'm passionate about environmental conservation, and spending time in nature is my therapy and religion.  I'm a nutrition and health food junky and my favorite place in the whole world is the local health food store.  I am also the Vice President of the Alternative Mothers Group, a natural parenting organization with 4 branches in northern California.  

What makes you, Maureen, feel strong?

Helping friends achieve a dream; making a meal for a new momma; writing a killer argument; the natural births of my two babies (the most recent at home); perfecting a yoga pose; yummy, clean, whole food; taking a risk; laughing with my family the morning after a sleepless night; nursing my baby anywhere the hell I want to!