Member Monday: Missy Kondritz

I'm pleased to introduce (again) Missy Kondritz, a most amazing momma who came into the MommaStrong fold via Barbie (all roads lead back to Barbie, for the record).  And what Missy has helped me learn and appreciate is the power of women helping women.  I avoid the word networking because it is overused and thusly undermined, but the way in which Missy has lent her community to ours is gracious, connected, professional, proactive, and authentic.  I'm so pleased to share her with you all today.  And please check out her amazing work with theCityMoms!  She has an incredible blog post about finding your tribe that I absolutely love:

Missy's Bio:

I am a born and raised Midwesterner who recently moved to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN, where I live with my husband, 3 kids (8 yr. old daughter, 18 month old boy, and newborn baby girl), and unhappy cat; I grew up in Central Illinois in the Soybean Capital of the World and also went to  college  in Illinois, where I graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Communication from a school known as "THE party school” (Actor John Belushi actually wore the “College” shirt to house parties at my alma mater before he wore it in the movie Animal House).  At the time, I figured if you don’t go Ivy League, go to a school known for something;)!  After school, I began an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, where I lived and worked for 5 years.  During that time, I met my future husband (thanks to the interwebs) and got a little sidetracked when he moved to Orlando 3 months after we met, and our daughter was born 10 months after that – Surprise! When our daughter was about a year old, we moved to Indianapolis, IN to be closer to family, and lived there for 7 years.

After working in several different fields - from WDW, to financial planning, to a professional dating service and most recently in Higher Education – and earning my MBA in 2010, all in effort to find my passion, I am now proud to call myself an entrepreneur and business owner.  In March 2013, I co-Founded an organization called theCityMoms, where our motto is “we are not just your average moms group”. We are THE social events + support community for moms in Indianapolis, having grown to almost 425 members in less than a year (  Our mission is to provide a support network and unique events schedule accessible for ALL moms and our vision is to bring theCityMoms to other cities across the country.  Additionally, my husband and I own a fundraising company (  We have helped local high school sports teams and bands raise almost $25K this year.  I truly believe in the importance of feeling “connected” to our communities and to each other, and the importance of giving back, and I am so happy to be living that out now through my work!

In my personal life, I (might) be a little granola – I’ve had 2 water births (the most recent at home), belong to a farm/milk co-op and can guess your astrological sign – but I also love a good olive-filled martini and a night on the town!  I like to volunteer my time, and serve on the board for the Indiana Center for Children and Families, where I was the former Board Vice President. 

What makes you, Missy, feel strong?

Helping others see their light (potential), getting out of my comfort zone, giving birth (especially natural) and being around others who are taking risks, speaking out, and seeking truth.