Risky Business

Open Letter to The Resolute You in 2014:

You're golden.

I know how you are feeling today.  You believe that with this fresh start of the New Year that you can finally step into the life you feel is yours.  Shiny and bright, fit and healthy, aligned and focused, prosperous and wanted.  You feel that if you can just scrape away at the surface of some bad behaviors, that this life will emerge.  And you don't just feel it, you believe it.

I know.  But -

Underneath your desire to be better and fitter and more savvy and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and ... is something else.  Do you know what it is?

You're trying to peel away the bull shit and get closer to you.

You're wanting to feel your own pulse.

You're desperate to shed the unwanted "skin" the last year has begged you to wear.

Unfortunately, however, we're a society that has taught you and me from the earliest age possible that the appearance of someone closer to themselves and who is feeling the pulse of their spirit is someone who is shiny, sparkly, thin, iEverything carrying, organized, and social.  And, so, because we are human and because we want change fast, we associate that sort of work and attainment with being a way to resolve that desire to shed unwanted skin and bull shit.

I can tell you that in all my years of training clients, from the average joe to the elite athlete, that these sorts of goals rarely work.  I know this sounds dismal, but I have only had 2 clients over the last 12 years who have had New Year's Resolutions create the sorts of changes they want for the long haul.  Why?  Well, the beast that begged you to carry this extra skin and bull shit does not simply skulk back into a dark cave when you say, "I am going to get uber healthy this year!"  No, in fact, that beast decides to talk a little more loudly.  It threatens to chase you, in fact.  And we respond in lots of ways, most of which result in either paralysis or surrender.  We skulk back into the dark cave instead, grabbing our bad habits and holding them closely like security blankets along the way.

So, I end this open letter with a request that you find a new way forward this year that involves serving yourself instead of fixing yourself.  I believe in my guts that this also demands you take risks.  That you taking risks, rather than your BMI status, is the first indication of true wellness.  

I took massive risks this past year.  MASSIVE.  I took those risks knowing that all of my many health issues would probably get worse.  At least, I assumed that would be the case.   But, I started seeing any and all new resolutions for healthy behaviors as being a spoke in the wheel of the adventure of me.   The focus was not to become anything different or to rid myself anything, but merely to just have the energy and endurance to ride that adventure out.  

And, guess what?  Despite increased logistical stress and less time to engage in all-things-uber-healthy, my health has improved dramatically because of this focus. 

You can handle this.  Back that knowing up with actions that help you really handle it.  Because you can.

Love and Light,