Member Monday: Alicia Willoughby

Hello!  I'm pleased to introduce you to Alicia Willoughby today.  Alicia has swept into the MommaStrong tribe and has inspired me to stay focused on all there is to learn about the human body.  Through encouragement, suggestions, and nerdy anatomical conversations, she has reminded me that what we do here at MommaStrong is different and that I have a responsibility (and opportunity) to continue holding a woman's body to its highest strength and function.  I'm honored to have the voices of such experts as Alicia here to be a part of the movement and to keep me on my toes and to help me help you. 

Alicia's Bio:

I was born and raised in Marin County, Bay Area, California and still live here with my husband and two kids: Charlotte 3.5 years old and Brandon 19 months.  I got a B.S. in biopsychology and a minor in Exercise Health Science from University of California - Santa Barbara.  Then I went to University of California - San Francisco for graduate school.  I am a physical therapist whose passion is working with moms during pregnancy and after.  Being a physical therapist is my way of helping women feel empowered ss I help them regain a connection with their bodies after having babies and decrease any pain they may be in due to the demands of being a mother.  I work part time and then am home with my kids part time.  I feel very lucky that I have a career that I feel so passionate about and have flexibility to work part time.  Although being home with two little kids has presented the biggest emotional and mental challenge I have every been faced with and many days, I am struggling just to keep my head above water.   I am also a birth advocate and believe in every woman's ability to birth the way that they want to and with whom they want.  I had two empowering homebirths that were the most peaceful and empowering experiences of my life.  Exercise has always been a part of my life and is essential for my mental/emotional health. 

What makes you, Alicia, feel strong?

Engaging my transversus abdominus ;-), giving birth, exercise, surviving the hard days with my kids, making my kids laugh, helping another mom feel empowered in her own body, my close friends, a latte.