Member Monday: Superhero

Ok, today is a Monday for you all, Members.  And not just MommaStrong members.  Momma members.  You. 

Today was the relaunch of our popular program, The Hook: 30-Day Wellness Challenge.  And while I want you to join us because I know you'll love it, there's another reason I want you to be in.  Barbie and I are gathering important data that we will use for research in how to truly measure a woman who is well.  We're attempting to tear down the current perimeters that involve positive body image, BMI, and general fitness and focus on the real deal of feminine strength: 

Are you able to take healthy risks that lead you towards your wholeness?

Do you feel capable of carrying your story into the world?

Are you treating and training yourself like the athlete motherhood demands you to be?

We care about these aspects of your wellness.  And the program we have at the ready for you tackles all of this and more.  Plus, a badass comunity of other women just like you. 

You get to a be a part of something revolutionary. 

So, for the next 12 hours, I'm extending a dealio to you for 50% of The Hook.  All you have to do is use the promo code: superhero.

Go to and join us.