Member Monday: Brandie Mitchell

Introducing Brandie!!!!!!!!  I just got to meet her in person at a live MommaStrong event and it was distinct pleasure.  Houston area, pay attention.  You might just need her services.  (I do).  Thank you, Brandie, for sharing yourself here and thank you for your work in the world.

Brandie's Bio:

1) I'm a new(ish) momma struggling to find balance just like the rest of us. I'm thrilled to have found Courtney and this community as I have been so humbled at how challenging it is to work on my physical strength and stamina in a focused way since becoming a mom! And beyond that, the genuine, supportive atmosphere at MommaStrong has been so refreshing. My daughter, Ella (21 months), is the spunky, sweet light of my life and I've truly found my partner with my husband, Mark. We're new to family life, but loving the whole messy ride!

Becoming a momma has been not only a gift for me personally, but has also clarified my direction in my work life. As a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist, I love supporting women in their transition into motherhood with pre and postnatal massage, infant and pediatric massage and wellness coaching. I believe ALL mommas need whole-person support and have loved teaching Infant Massage to women at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston and am excited to be pursuing a grant with the intention of offering pre and postnatal massage to women at risk for substance abuse in the Houston area.

I love discovering new ways for women to support each other and am excited to get to know more of you in this community!

What makes you, Brandie, feel strong?

I feel strong when I remember who I am and give myself the grace to be imperfect and messy, choosing gratitude all the way. I usually get a boost of energy when I give myself a big load of grace as often as I can remember!