Member Monday: Grace Hopp

Getting to know the MommaStrong tribe has made me see how incredible this movement is.  The women who find their strength in this space are game changers and I can't explain what it means to me to be a part of their wellness.  Grace Hopp, today's Member Monday, is a shining example of this.  She has been consistently plugging along since the beginning, quietly and patiently, but also passionately.  I appreciate so much the way she has taken what she needs from MommaStrong and has used it with all she has.  Through her presence, I have been able to learn that any wellness tool is only as effective as you make it.  Empowerment is waiting for you.  You get to decide the stepping stones and the foundation, but you have to utilize them and make them fit into your life in the way you need.  I am thrilled to introduce you to Grace ... enjoy.   

Grace's Bio:

I love being part of the Momma Strong tribe even though I’m at a different phase in my life than most of the other tribe members. That seems to be the story of my life! I started university once April, another Tribe member, and her brother were in school and continued on to earn my PhD in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. I now have a wonderful private practice where I try to help people through their difficult times. Although I recommend exercise to help manage life stresses, like many people I have struggled to fit it into my life until April recommended Momma Strong. It has been a lifesaver.


What makes you, Grace, feel strong?

I feel physically strong when I can do what I want: chasing April’s triplets around in a game of tag or carrying my own scuba gear onto the dive boat. Improved physical strength has also contributed to emotional strength that helps me be the rock that my family, as well as my clients, can rely on to help them when life feels overwhelming.