Member Monday: Megan Wood Arbour

Meet Megan!  (swoon)

We're so in this together.  Women with amazing skills and professionalism, figuring it out as best we can while also being connected caretakers.  This is Megan.  Enjoy. 

Megan's Bio

Hi friends! I’m honored to share a little about myself for Member Monday!  I grew up in Western Maine with my parents and 3 brothers, one older and two younger.  I have always had a passion for caring for women, especially through childbirth.  After my undergrad teaching music for a year and finding out what I really DID NOT want to do, I went to graduate school for my master’s degree in nursing to become a certified nurse midwife and finished that with my PhD in nursing.  I love caring for women, especially those underserved in our community.  I am filled with joy when I know I have made a positive impact in a woman’s life, and thereby an impact on her family.  I fully believe that women need to take the best care of themselves in order to take the best care of their families. 

I am now a wife and mother to two delightful, busy young boys (currently 3 and 5).  To be the kind of mom I want to be, clinical practice with a rigorous call schedule is not currently in the cards.  I am caring for women through extension, however, as an assistant professor in a distance-based nurse-midwifery program. I work from home, teach others how to care for women, and can care for my family in a way I am comfortable with. I am also very active with the ACNM, my professional organization, to grow and improve midwifery education.  It is hard. I am busy but I am happy with where I am. 

Momma Strong is an excellent way for me to care for myself.  I personally know how hard it can be to commit to self care, but am really very happy with how readily I was able to commit to Momma Strong. I don’t feel guilty about not finding or making time for the gym.  More than that, however, I am thrilled with my results of increased pelvic floor muscle tone, shrinking tummy and increased energy and strength in general. I want to shout it from the mountain tops- I am Momma Strong!

What makes you, Megan, feel strong?

I love to use my logical brain to solve problems.  I am often quick to identify problems and love to come up with solutions.  When my brain and actions can help others- this makes me feel amazing.