Member Monday: Christy Theis

Everyone, meet Christy Theis!  Christy came to the rescue on very little notice (ok, like none) to offer her and husband's amazing yum food from their restaurant Super Chicken for a MommaStrong event.  Did I mention last minute?  Yeah, and not only did she swoop in with flying colors and deliver the goods, she delivered herself and her energy.   It was a delight to meet her in the flesh and we are endlessly grateful for her contribution to our movement and presence in the women's wellness community.  Oh, and go eat at Super Chicken.  Yum.  Yum.

Christy's Bio:

I am a working mom…I work full time at my family’s business.  When I am not here, I work at home as mother, nurse, jungle gym, cook, housekeeper, friend, etc. to my 2 (3, if you count my husband) boys.  Since having my second child 7 months ago, I have been struggling to maintain any sense of a schedule, especially one that includes time for me. MommaStrong has reinforced how important it is to “put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.”  In my sleep-deprived fugue state, I had forgotten that this is the cardinal rule of motherhood!  Additionally, I have also been reminded that it really does take a village (even if it is a virtual village) to raise kids.  The TRIBE is such an incredible group of women and I am so blessed to be a part of it.  Sometimes, all you need is to know that you are not alone.  For a while there, it seemed like everywhere I looked, people were busy making their lives appear pretty on Facebook while I was “winning ugly,” only I didn’t feel like I was winning at all.  Part of that was also attributable to Postpartum Depression that has since subsided, thanks in part to Mommastrong and the Tribe.  My identity has changed since having children, partially because I don’t currently have the freedom to take a week to go on mission trips or two weeks to travel around Spain, or the time to read novel after novel (of something other than Little Critter or Cat in the Hat), to go for a long bike ride, or hit the lake for the day. I am not the person I used to be and I fought that for a long time.  Only recently have I truly learned that motherhood (and, really, life) is all about surrender.  The more you try to control, the more stressed and exhausted you become.  When you do all that you can and let the rest go, then you find peace, even if only for a moment before you get smacked with the spaghetti your son just threw across the kitchen!

What makes you, Christy, feel strong?

Emotionally, having other women who are there in the trenches with you, who have your back, and being able to support them in return.  Physically, playing with my kids and not getting tired before they do!

(From Courtney:  I found this great little blip on Super Chicken in the Houston Press:  Check it out!