Fit Tip Friday: Your Core and My Duct Tape

Something people may not know from the outside looking in is that MommaStrong is a living, breathing, constantly evolving organism.  When mommas sign up for a service, they not only get that service, but they get a whole bunch of other, often nerdy, resources that address their unique needs.  Best yet, we have an active Tribe of mommas who often speak up about concerns and issues and things they want to know how to do better.  And we can then respond to them quickly with a tutorial or a mini workout to help address those needs.   We're like a giant rabbit hole of nerdy anatomical and strengthening know how.  That sounded weird.  But, I'm saying it. 

Today's fit tip is the introduction to an example of a tutorial I filmed recently after a Tribe member was wondering about how to better isolate the "right" abdominal muscles during the Daily 15.  There is duct tape involved.   That also sounded weird.

Onward.  Enjoy.  :)