Truth Tuesday: Not even Oprah is immune

In my line of work, I meet lots of folks who have spent their life being really hard on themselves.  And I’m starting to understand that we all walk around with a level of self-flagellation because we have all been taught that this is the “right” way to exist:

A straight line.  A forward march.  As we grow, we are also taught that a straight line that goes upward becomes valuable.  

And, then, as we get even older, we are taught here and there about adversity and fortitude and so we give that line some space to go up and down.  But, don’t be fooled.   We put strong constraints on how that up and down SHOULD look, aka, it better be pretty:

Never ever in a million years are we taught that a line that looks like this is anything but needing to be contained and disciplined and hidden and subdued:


Yet.  The reality is that 98% of us operate in the form of this last line.  And if we don’t, well ... we’re making ourselves work really hard to fit into the other lines.  And, to top it off, when we don’t fall into that acceptable line, we give ourselves a really hard time.

Stop it.  


No one is immune to the wild ride that is your unique crazy line.  Not you.  Not me.  Neither your buttoned up neighbor with the perfect garden nor your crazy haired neighbor who thinks heavy trash day is every day.  Not even Oprah is immune (gasps from across ye land).  

What makes you different, then?  

How you react to it.  How you hold fast.  How you surrender.  How you adventure.  

Here’s the trick that I learned:  Inside your own crazy line is a lifeline, a golden thread of insight that is at your disposal whenever you need.  All you have to do is A) know it’s there, B) have the balls to listen to it, and C) do the work it begs you to do.  It won’t make sense.  It doesn’t give you insight that you could then extend to anyone else.  It is uniquely your golden thread.  It will ask things of you that you may not fully understand.  But, it will whisper and whisper and stay there.  And if you hang on to it, then you get to live life not as a robot AND when you start to feel like you might be thrown in the wind during a crazy twist in your not-so-straight line, you will have something that will keep you in tact.

Hang on tight. 

PS:  You’ll need strength to do that. 

(hint, we can give it to you)

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