Member Monday: Katie Cleary

I have a love/hate relationship with the digital world.  But, I have learned that if we use it as a tool to serve the advancement of "good," then it can be truly revolutionary - its power and possibility in this regard is really completely untapped.  And one those possibilities is creating partnerships with amazing people in the world, with whom I may never have had a chance just as a un-digital pedestrian to connect.  Katie Cleary is such a person.  Creator of, she is providing an invaluable service to mommas wading through the often darkly lit world of autoimmune diagnosis and treatment.  I wish I had known her 12 years ago.  Please please share her work with those you love and those who need her service.  THANK YOU KATIE.

Katie's Bio:

I work in brand strategy consulting and am also founder of, an online website and Facebook/Twitter communities for moms living with autoimmune conditions themselves and/or their kids. I myself have three autoimmune conditions which onset after my kids were born.  I live in Austin, Texas with my family and mini labradoodle dog.  In my spare time, I love to play with my kids, read, run and hike.

What makes you, Katie, feel strong?

I feel strong when I stay calm in the midst of a crazy kid morning and get everyone off to school in smiles.  I feel strong when I run on the trail, even if I am suuuuuuper slow (I still count it as running!).  I feel strong knowing I feel good even though I'm living with a chronic condition.  And I feel strong when I give love to my friends and family and get it back tenfold.