Member Monday: Megan Saavedra

One of the most incredible things about what we do here is that even though we've attached ourselves to a "label" of "momma," what we do transcends the traditional boundary of that label.  We have grandmothers, husbands, sisters, aunts, uncles, daughters, and chipmunks (2015 goal at least) tapping in to what happens at mommastrong.  And what defines each one of us is merely a desire to have the strength we need to have to show up.  Period. 

Today's Member Monday reflects this.  Megan is an incredible woman, delving into a journey of becoming an adoptive parent, something for which I may never really fully be able to grapple or hold with as much weight as it deserves.  But, what I can do is see her and give her strength that matters so she can walk through this amazing path with resiliency.   Oh, and I'll share one more thing about Megan:   I was at a social gathering one night and there were lots of reasons to be uncomfortable (long story).  And, then, out of the blue, Megan - who I had not yet met at that time - popped up next to me and said, "MommaStrong!"  She gave me a big hug and my night completely shifted into what matters.  I felt surrounded by our "tribe" ... I have a feeling Megan is a bright light for lots of people just like she was for me that night. 

Megan, thank you for sharing you with us.  You got this!

Megan's Bio:

Hi! I am Megan and I am a working (almost) mom. I have played the violin for 21 years and I teach orchestra to 205 wonderful students at Memorial Middle School in Houston, TX. I recently delved into the wonderful world of essential oils and I am a product consultant with doTERRA. I say that I am an almost mom because my husband and I are in the process of adopting through the Texas Foster Care System. It is an exciting, disappointing, exhilarating, frustrating, exhausting and joyful process-- much like parenting by birth! We are currently waiting for our first placement. When I started typing this bio I had the prospect of having a baby today and the phone just rang and I found out that they chose another home. It can all change that fast. The only word to describe the process is "roller coaster" and that hardly does it justice. Since we are adopting through foster care there is no guarantee that the child who comes to us will be the child who stays with us forever. We have decided to look at this situation with the perspective that we are not guaranteed a certain amount of time with anyone we love-- so we just have to love them as much as we can while they are with us and truly live each day like it might be our last one together.

I came to Momma Strong by luck. A friend won a free Hook subscription and let me try it out...big surprise...I was hooked! I have since joined the Daily 15 and I love it. It's so motivating to know that there is a work out carefully designed just for me and it is just waiting to be completed. All I have to do is open the computer. Let's be real-- it is probably already open. I have never had good luck with self instructed DVD workouts, but MS has met my needs without being overwhelmingly difficult.

I am an only child who married an only child so we have no siblings. I have always wished for a sister-- someone I could tell anything to without judgement. Someone that I can say anything that is in my heart and she would understand. Well, I will never have a sister or a sister in law, but now I have the Tribe. I've never had to reveal any of my deep, dark, gritty thoughts to the Tribe, but it is so comforting to know that the tribe is there if I need them. I am infinitely grateful to have found Courtney and all you beautiful women. Thank you for providing the comfort that you didn't know you were providing me. Thank you being there.

What makes you, Megan, feel strong?

I feel strong when I am being an effective teacher and meeting all of my students' needs. I feel strong when I can stay calm and patient during a stressful, hectic day. I feel strong when I can pick myself up after life's disappointments and keep going with a positive attitude. I feel strong when I am healthy and exercising regularly (thank you Momma Strong!). I feel strong when I am mowing the grass. I feel strong when I am able to help others. I feel strong when I am enjoying life with my family and friends.