Th' Gritty: Procrastination Station

Well, you may remember that the last Gritty involved some reluctant revelations about our "isms."  And it ended with a to-be-continued. 

Well, it's still being continued.  THIS is the very nature of deeply entrenched isms.  We will do anything and everything to avoid their presence.  I could give you lots of legitimate reasons why I haven't gotten it done, but it'd be 85% bull shit.  When it comes to changing behaviors, it's like this for all of us.  And, so, I'm gonna report from the trenches with full disclosure.  As per usual, in MommaStrong style, it is happening.  No white flags here.  Stay tuned for next week's Th' Gritty.  In the mean time, here's the full series, since the beginning ... in case you want to get caught up.