Member Monday: Beth Rabbitt

Like a lot of tribe members, I only know Beth through the medium of this odd digital existence.  BUT, I know we'd hang if we lived near to each other.  Heck, she used the phrase "mission oriented" in an initial online greeting and then started to tell me about her work with social entrepreneurs.  Swoon.

Thank you, Beth, for sharing you with us.

Beth's Bio:

I'm a first-time mom living in an NJ college town with my historian husband, our 9 month old daughter, and a rescue pit bull and tabby cat. I work full time and have spent most of my career working with social entrepreneurs-- people with inventive and inspired personal missions to make the world a better place. Most of this has been in K-12 public education; I help create and grow organizations that aim to make learning more engaging, personalized, and (hopefully) effective for kids, particularly those coming from low income or underserved backgrounds.

I'm super passionate about what I do, so this "professional" side pretty much blends right into the personal-- I'm not good at setting boundaries and have decided to be a-okay with that. I'm super nerdy (I got my doctorate in education leadership and *love* data) and spend a ton of timing thinking about how people, myself included, can learn and get better, alone and together. As a family, we're also pretty obsessed about going local-- not really just in terms of foods and products but also in terms of getting to know and support people we admire in their work and businesses. Part of what I love about being a Tribe member (beyond the potty squats, of course!) is getting to be part of a movement created by such a kick ass, mission-oriented gal like Courtney. I show up at my mat so inspired! 

Lest this bio send the wrong message, I also spend a fair amount of time procrastinating by baking things I probably shouldn't eat (yay, flour and sugar!) and watching bad (or terrific!) reality television shows online, often doing these two things at the same time. I'm also working on developing my baby-proofing skills and aiming for crying for fewer minutes a day than my daughter does.

What makes you, Beth, feel strong?

For a long time, most of my life in fact, I derived strength from doing things well-- setting goals, planning, executing, attaining, moving forward. But over time, and especially now in this crazy journey of mom-hood, I'm finding a lot more strength from just trying to tackle stuff that is scary or feels a little more out of reach, and then striving to be okay when I don't necessarily hit the ball out of the park. Weirdly, I think this different approach has actually helped me reach for higher goals; I don't shy away when I know I'm likely to fail. It's also helped me try to develop more self-compassion, which can be a stretch for me.