Why 15-minutes Actually Works (and matters)

Something maybe people don’t know about me is that I avoid admitting being a personal trainer.  In fact, I kinda don’t see myself that way at all.  And I certainly don’t eat.breathe.drink fitness.  I probably know less about the latest fitness buzz or trend than most.  And I realllllllly hate the gym.  And my eyeballs glaze over when people start talking about BMI and diet and reps and all that.  

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I’m obsessed about the human body.  I cannot let go any sort of mystery that lies within our skin.  I devour textbooks and articles and research on the human spine, the female pelvis, the digestive system, the interaction of our endocrine system and our exercise, and - ok, I’ll stop there.  No.  Wait.  One year for my birthday, all I wanted was The Anatomy Coloring Book.  If I could, I would go to medical school just so that I could get my hands on some actual fascia dissection.


I love what I do.  I’m here as a problem solver.  A detective.  A riddle solver for what we need as mommas to have strength that matters.  And I won’t put up with anything that is A) not effective and B) not congruent with your unique needs as a woman.  

This is why MommaStrong is absolutely non-fitness fitness.  This is why we are the "pirates" of the momma fitness world.  This is why, with very little marketing, we have managed to gather by our side an incredible (international) tribe of mommas.  Because we’re all here for something different.

What is it?  Well, yes, it’s the specialized method I’ve been a nerd about.  Sure.  What I offer in terms of the approach to strengthening is definitely innovative, no doubt.  But, I’m not reinventing the wheel.  I’m just gathering information in my shirt like you do pebbles on the beach and then taking that information and yelling it through a megaphone so you can hear it through all the other bull crappy (hopefully).  

What it really is is this:  It’s a platform for the rest of your showing up.  It’s a way for you to take the constant dribble of shoulds regarding your physical well being out of the way and getting you to the real conversation about your overall wellness.  By being feasible, accessible, affordable, efficient, and effective, what we do here begs you to shift your attention from how to control and fix your body to how to launch yourself into the world on your own terms.

Can I explain how this works?  I mean, I could.  I have lots of valid theories and plenty of evidence.  But, it’s also one of those things that you can only truly understand by doing.  And I have zero interest in selling a magic pill.  Actually, I have zero interest in selling.  Instead, all I know is that over the last two years, showing up for myself for 15-minutes every day buoyed me through an incredible journey, for which I would not have had the strength prior to tread through.  I just wouldn’t have.  It is because of the commitment to those 15-minutes and what they did (and do) to my physical self that my whole self could become aligned with my unique path in life.  

Congruency with your path in life is not easy.  It’s a yellow brick road, that’s for sure, minus the friendly songs and poppy flowers for a breather.  My own path required dismantling close relationships, destructing my attempts at financial security, walking away from a career (or two), oblierating any success at being the good girl, ending a life of being numbed out, facing my own anxiety and it’s potential influence on my children, and being willing to let my freak flag fly.  None of this was or is easy.  It’s just not.  

But.  Dang.  It’s so worth it.  Talk about freedom.  

I am a multifaceted woman with many talents and many different ways to arrive at my true purpose, as are you.  I can tell you with total certainty that I am not my body.  I am not my fitness level.  I am how I choose to show up.  I am a corrective exercise specialist, a writer, a body engineer, an activist, a social entrepreneur, a tech nerd, a painter, a comrade, a tribe member, a sister, a lover, a journalist, and a strong momma.  Without the access to my physical strength and wellbeing, I can guarantee that I would not be able to be here today claiming 99.9% of those “I ams” above.  

I participate in strength training so that I can claim these things and then do something about them.  

The way you work out should be as much in the background as the toothpaste you choose.  Let’s change the conversation and stop focusing on you as a body needing to be figured out and instead as a shiny whole human needing support for being a shiny whole human.  

Hint:  This is a skill you learn.  We can help.  Watch the super short video to see how.  And then join us July 7th for a ramped up version of The Hook.  (space limited)