Get What You Need

8 years ago today, I delivered via c-section my first daughter.  In honor of that day and in honor of what unfolded for me as a woman after that birth, I'm offering today one free service/program to anyone out there who is experiencing postpartum depression or anyone who knows someone who is experiencing postpartum depression. 

And, let me make an important distinction here:  You need not have been diagnosed, nor have a formal anything regarding how you feel.  It does not have to be a certain place upon the spectrum of depression or any level of seriousness that you may feel is "worthy" of intervention.  You can be days out from giving birth or decades.  I offer this to any woman who has even for a slight moment experienced the loss of herself as a vital human being and wants to retrieve her resilient, strong self. 

You.  YOU are not alone.  YOU are vitality waiting to be released.  And I know with nothing short of certainty that what I do here in MommaStrong as my business now was once what I did to recover from the grasp of my own depression.  I didn't plan it.  I didn't know it would work.  I didn't know what it would require of my life.  But, I do know that it gave breath and strength to the me of me that cannot be defined even by the most amazing of labels:  mother, caretaker, provider, lover, do-er, supporter, etc-er.   Through it's daily pleading for me to show up and through the slow, appropriate, sustainable, healing, forgiving, lasting, and efficacious strengthening in every crevice of my body and my spirit, I am here today fully in my skin as the adventurer, the activist, the willing, the able, the me of me. 

I promise to never speak to you as a woman needing to be skinny or minny.  I promise to never allow you to think even for a second that pregnancy/birth/motherhood did anything to your body that is irreparable or compromising to your true worth or beauty.  I promise to never sell to you anything that will merely fit you back in to a tight box of a socially constructed, delineated, traditional mom role.   I promise to be the real deal.  To curse when I want to curse.  To make you work hard when you think you can't.  To take the utmost care of your physical structure.  To research your body's best function and deliver content that will truly make you vital and able.  To be honest and vulnerable.  To make you laugh.  To give you space you to show up in all the ways you choose.  To make you feel as much as possible in this weird connected but disconnected digital world that you have a tribe of flesh and blood mommas right here at your fingertips.  To make you remember that your position in life as a guardian of small spirits is a privilege and not a burden and that the only burden is believing for a second that the victim in you will win over the warrior while you walk the f*cking hard walk involved in raising these small spirits. 

You got this.  Please, get what you need today.   Use the following promo code in the shopping cart.  Spread the word.


And email me if you run into any problems getting what you need.