Member Monday: Jacki Craig Schaefer

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Creative, lovely mommas.  I'm pleased to introduce you to Jacki Craig Schaefer.  Her bio rang true ... we are authentic adventure seekers over here, aren't we?  It's a thrill to be a part of the strength that keeps Jacki showing up. 

Jacki, thank you for sharing you with us.  And, Houston folks, check out her family photography work!

Jacki's Bio:

My name is Jacki and I live in work in Houston, Texas, home of Mommastrong! A year and a half ago, I quit my desk job to follow my dreams and branch out. Unfortunately for me, I had NO idea what my goals were at the time! Luckily, I landed on a perfect combination for me: I’m a children’s and family photographer (, and I teach part time at Rice University.

My first love is photography. I am at my best when I’m making people have fun and feel beautiful. Kids are amazing, resilient little creatures: they have no fear, no self-consciousness, and they’re always moving-curious-exploring. Every day with them is an adventure!

Mommastrong has been a great bridge to that world for me. Before MS, before my pregnancy, I’d never worked out. Nope. Not once. Now, I’m looking forward to my daily 15 minutes! Seeing myself do an exercise better and working through the “give up” voice has been so empowering. My 4 month-old son isn’t running me in circles yet, but when he gets there, I’m hoping to be ready for him!

What makes you, Jacki, feel strong?

Knowing that I have the power within myself to take risks and make leaps outside of my comfort zone makes me feel incredibly strong. Meeting my professional goals and hearing how happy my clients are makes me feel like a Hulk-level beast. And knowing that I can trust myself when things get rough… It’s wonderful.