Truth Tuesday: Wow Moments


Hi.  I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Dr. Portia Jackson last week and it aired today.  Take a listen!!

And after listening to myself (why oh why is that so hard?!), I walked away really appreciating one thing that we talked about:  She asked me about my wow moment in business and life, when everything felt like it was coming together.  And, while I could grab at quite a few moments in business and life, the one the popped out for me was a moment that reminded me that I AM NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.

Phew.  You're not either.  (But I love you even more for knowing that)

Yes.  This is true for all of us.  We are specks.  Star dust.  Minions.  But, within that perspective, let's also include the adjective "radiant" specks.  "Influential" star dust.  "Purposeful" minions. 

Recognizing that you are not that big of a deal does not carve away at the uniqueness of your unique spirit.  All it does is liberate you to be the best you possible and let's you settle into the gentle, tiny wow moments of your life with full presence, full surrender, and appropriate levels of expectation. 

Let your freak flag fly.  Go for "it."  Make healthy choices that empower your family and your inner world.  And leave the rest behind.  Let the bigger picture have its hand at what really matters.  And just agree to show up.  The world continues on - as does your job and your community - whether you do or you don't.  And this is beautiful.  Because then we get to release ourselves into the CHOICE it is to participate in our lives with vitality and without compromise without needing to assert our control or our positioning or even our hopes.  We just get to do our very best and allow ourselves to indulge in the simple things that really matter.

Here's the link to the podcast if you need it: