Member Monday: Marie Pousson

I'm so excited to introduce you all today to Marie Pousson.  I knew Marie before only by reputation and was impressed then, but getting to know her over the last couple of months through this incredible mommastrong space has been thought-provoking and inspiring.  Thank you, Marie, for sharing you with us.  Oh, and I'm gonna need a paddle boarding lesson. 

Marie's Bio:

Retired school teacher, married to Joe for 41 years, and mother of 3 grown children, ages 34-38, grandmother to two boys ages 6 & 9. 

What makes you, Marie, feel strong?

I feel strong now when I hold a plank (could not do this for more than 5 seconds before Hook).  Baby steps...Doing the Hook again, after completing my 30 days last week.  I also feel strong when I just "show up" to some physical activity, swimming/gardening/hook/walk in the park.  Life, for me, is beginning again, on so many levels, each day.