On Workout #400: F*ck the brand

Warning:  I'm about to say more curse words than my censored self has been saying lately.  But, I feel like I've earned it.  It's like when you hit age 12 and you realize you can say fuck and shit and damn because you're, well, 12 and that means you've lived enough to say bad things.

Today celebrates 400 workouts here at MommaStrong.  400 workouts filmed!!!!!

People ask me all the time, “Well, if you have that many archived workouts, why oh why don’t you just reuse those for the Daily 15?  No one would ever even know!  Cut yourself a break!”

Now way no how no way no how.

Look.  I could give two shits about MommaStrong the brand.  I’d walk away from it in a second.  I’m not building an empire.  I’m not maneuvering my way through the smart way to market and be viral.  It’s just not who I am or why I’m here.

I film every day - when it’s totally humanly possible, that is - because these 15 minutes have been and continue to be a link to me being ok.  Period.  These 15 minutes are what helped me get through a trying divorce, to get through being so broke that I counted quarters to get gas on MANY occasions, to get through stopping drinking, to get through managing the loss of friendships in the wake of much of the above, to get through facing full on naked the most humbling weaknesses and fuck-ups in myself, to get through recognizing that I need help often in order to be a good person, to get through my own tendency towards depression, to get through serious social anxiety, to get through being a conscious and connected mother, and - most important - to get through the fragility of being so utterly in love with life.  Each fucking day.  

And that’s not even the physical side of what the 15 minutes have done and do for me.  They have literally - and with no exaggeration - stabilized my very serious back problems, healed my adrenal system, helped me better manage my two autoimmune disease, and allowed me to feel essentially and fundamentally vital 99% of the time. 

With all that said, do you know how many times I have wanted to just end MommaStrong?  Just stop the hustle?  Just give up?  Oh man.  So many.  Do you know why I haven’t?  Two reasons:

  1. I’d keep doing these 15 minutes in order to continue to stay healthy and vital and ballsy, so I might as well keep on filming.
  2. I’d not be able to do these 15 minutes consistently without MommaStrong.  Why?  Because, I need my tribe.  I need the accountability.  I need people who need me to show up in order to keep showing up.  This is the most vulnerable, yet gorgeous trait of human beings.

We need each other to do this thing called life.

And, because of MommaStrong, today, in this thing called life, I get to say: “I am the strongest person I know.”

And I mean it.  And I will work my already chicken-legged-tush off in order to help my tribe feel the same way.  Because it matters so much that women are walking around saying that.  It matters for themselves.  It matters for their children.  It matters for their community.  It matters for the health of our country.  It matters for the health of world.  It just freakin' matters.  

So, if you’re tempted to high five me for being a fitness queen or creative entrepreneur, don’t.  I’m not here to be "fit" or to attain some sort of level of success.  I’m here to continue to be a decent, active human being who is able to connect to her world in effective and truly authentic ways.  Period.

Screw the brand of MommaStrong, people.  Stick with the movement.  And surrender your excuses.  Show up with me.  I can’t wait to see what happens when you say, “I’m the strongest person I know.”

PS:  In honor of this most awesome #400, I’m offering a special deal on The Hook starting February 2nd.  

Old Hookers:  Between now and Sunday, anyone who recruits ONE newbie for the February 2015 Hook will receive a personalized little bitty video addressed from me to your children (or your cats or dogs or ferrets or elves in the closet) talking about how strong you are as a woman.  (just send me an email with the person you're recruited and I'll get the rest)

Newbies:  And for anyone new who joins the February 2015 Hook, she (or he) will receive one emergency 15 minute pep talk call with me during the 30 days, to help you feel connected to something more than your keyboard or that screen and to remind you that I actually give a whole shit ton about your showing up and WHO YOU ARE.

YESSSSSSSSS.  Go for it.  Recruit.  Join.  Show it on up already.