Member Monday: Staci Parrish-Crown

I love love love lurve Member Mondays.  Introducing a most fantabulous momma, Staci Parrish-Crown. 

Staci's Bio:

Staci splits her time equally (ha!) amongst wifedom, motherhood (a 4 year old son; 2 Westies), work (at an Investment Bank), wellness (hello, MommaStrong) and sleep.  She is a wanna-be runner, lover of whole foods (not just the store), and connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies.  In her spare time, she perpetuates her son’s belief that they are Amish and cannot have toys that require batteries.  

What makes you, Staci, feel strong? 

I’ve always considered strength the ability to accomplish or endure something challenging - personally, physically, etc.  When life and circumstance changed my ability to accomplish or endure things the way I always had, I felt like the little engine that couldn’t.  I used to be able to fit in work, life, fitness so if I couldn’t now, then I wasn’t strong. 

Recently, though, I’ve come to know — or rather realize—that my definition strong is not the same as it was 10 years ago.  My life is not the same, so why did I expect my ability to respond to stay the same?  What I choose and choose not to spend my time and energy on has changed.  More importantly, I’ve realized all of this is okay.  Through this realization, I now see that I am strong when I show up all 5 days for my Daily 15.  But I’m also strong when I miss a day (or two) and I am resilient enough to start over with a clean slate.  I now focus on my successes rather than my failures and that feels awesome…and strong.