Truth Tuesday: Ignore the Bully I interrupt this broadcast to say, STOP IT FOOLS (myself included as a fool).

This here hub bub about a certain rather famous supermodel proves 100% that no matter what, even if you speak and say things that are supposedly anti-objectification as this supermodel has, you are still an object.  You are owned and captured.  No matter how much money you have or how smart you are.  When you accept just an ounce of objectification, you’ve accepted the entire landscape.

Look, you’re going to be reading a whole bunch of stuff in your feed and your media sources about this.  Empowered women will get up and make amazing points on tv and on huffpost.  Op-ed pieces will fly about and make us all feel better.  We’ll make statements about how we need to fight against it.  We’ll high five digitally.  We’ll tell our kids that we love our bodies.  And then we’ll feel a little bit soothed and productive.  All at the expense of this one supermodel's life, which has been grotesquely violated in every human expression of her skin, and then at the expense of everyone else in the world who has a whole lot more to overcome than wrinkles.

This conversation is so old, I’m disgusted.  Obviously, roaring up about the injustice and then being thrilled that a celebrity chooses not to photoshop is NOT WORKING.  It’s a silly, inane distraction of non-activism that makes us feel like we are doing something.  And we’re not.  I am equally guilty.

You want to do something?  Stop talking about it.  Stop posting about it.  Stop scrolling on facebook.  Fuck, get rid of Facebook. Stop watching stuff.  Stop people in their tracks when they ask your opinion of it.  Say in return, “Oh, would you like to talk about maternity leave rights?  Or sex trafficking?  Or Syria?  Or domestic abuse?  Or AIDS?  Or happiness?  Or who you are as a human being when no one is looking?

This is an addiction and I’m no longer enabling it.  I’m not talking about another woman’s body and I’m not gonna even speak a moment of outrage about the injustice of her image being posted for all to see, unedited and raw.  I’m not doing it.  I’m going to talk instead about the disgusting medium of which we are all addicted to with an utter lack of acknowledgement of its dangerous presence.  And that presence is our media, our facebook, our attention spans, our choice every moment about how to be in this world in a way that actually matters.

Stop it.  Let’s talk about something else.  Ignore the bully.  This is the very best and most effective approach to irrational expressions of pseudo-power.